Development History
2016 - Present
Integral Identity Information Service Provider
  • Provide the total solution for Belarus e-passport and e-ID card
  • Strategic Cooperation with Alibaba & Tencent on Smart Transportation
  • Won the bid for Hong Kong and Macao home-visit permit
  • Won the bid for Hong Kong e-passport and e-ID card project
  • Develop a new electronic documentation secure technology
  • Successful listing of A-shares in 2016
2016 - Present
2016 - Present
2006 - 2015
Smart Card Solution Provider
  • Smart Transportation projects launched in 150+ cities
  • Biometric enrollment equipment for Chinese overseas embassies and consulates launched in more than 190 countries
  • Three overseas passport manufacturing centers
  • Successful implementation of first large-scale self-service banking in India
  • Successful implementation of the Nigerian General Election project attracted global attention and praise.
  • China's first e-passport production line launched in 31 provinces
  • Enter smart transportation and social security industry
2006 - 2015
2006 - 2015
1995 - 2005
Card Equipment Supplier
  • First to provide metro AFC sorting equipment in China
  • China’s second-generation ID card certification project
  • China’s first photoelectric digital card device successfully developed
1995 - 2005
1995 - 2005
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